Writing Services

A condensed introduction to my services, and why you need them.

I'm a writer-for-hire, working with clients from all over. Here's how I can help your business.

You're an Independent, Short on Time

Whether you're an indie developer, an emerging artist, or a food truck genius with a brand-new blog, you're going to need text that impresses and informs. You could write it yourself, but wouldn't you rather be doing your thing?

In my life outside writing, I've been an independent artist and publisher for years. The small-business hustle is in my blood. If you need help refining and maintaining your company's voice, I have the skill and passion to help your project reach its full potential.

You're a Large Company, Short on Writers

I'm an experienced technical and commercial writer, with a knack for creating concise, engaging content for your world. I get deep into each client's subject, learning the product and its market inside and out. Then, quick as a flash, I come out the other side with ideal documentation, help, or copy.

I swim strong in Agile and Waterfall shops, and get along great with developers, designers, and management. If you've already got a writing staff, I'll fit right in. If you work with freelancers regularly, I think you'll find my services a breeze.

The Pitch

I thrive in a wide variety of creative situations, from large corporations to grassroots efforts. I've got the know-how and the tools, and I respect that time is money, and that quality pays. Let's make something great together.

Recent Clients

Zev Reiner, MFT (Therapy & Coaching Practice)
Madrona Labs (Kaivo & Aalto Soft-Synthesizers)
Favarger Consulting (IT Contractor)
Harman International (Home Audio Products)
Avid Technology (Pro Tools Products)
M-Audio (DJ and MIDI Control Products)
Numark (MIDI Control Products)

Areas of Expertise

Audio & Video Technology
Music Composition and Production
Consumer Tech: News & Philosophy
Gourmet Food and Drink
Cycling: Tech and Culture